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In your place, maybe a lot of people who can install the program. But I'm sure very few who understand and want to understand the art of the install process so as to produce an optimal PC.
We often encounter, Pentium IV class computer is still said to be slow.

Though already made various efforts to increase the memory and increase the processor. Still, there are still some processes that are considered slow.
With the following setting, you can turn as fast as the Pentium III Pentium IV.

Spaces that we will touch are as follows:

1. System Properties2. System Configuration3. Registry
1. System Properties
Is the space containing the information about the owner's name and organization. You can open it by right clicking on the icon and select Properties MyKomputer. Or it could also press the Start key + Pause Break.
There are some secrets that we will obrak apart on the properties of this system, resulting in an optimal installation. Follow these steps:
1. Right click on MyComputer icon and select Properties. Or it could also press the Start key + Pause Break.2. Click the System Restore, make sure you click the Turn Off System Restore On All Drives.
It will be very useful to dispel one of the ways the proliferation of viruses.3. Then click Advanced.There are three settings menu below.
* Click on Settings and make sure you first select Adjust For Best Performance. Continue by clicking Apply. Wait a moment, and display windows will turn into a classic. Can we change the view as we want later.* Then click Advanced, and click Change to change the Virtual Memory.
(Virtual memory is a space which is used as a shadow memory to help performance memory we used to call the original RAM. Virtual memory will be requested from the hard disk space.* On the sub menu Custome Size, there is the Initial Size column. Fill column with numbers at least 2 times the amount of RAM you have installed.
Suppose you put 128 MB of RAM, then fill the column with the minimum number of 256. And in the next column with 2 x column content first. Do not forget to click Set. Click OK and OK again to return to the beginning of the System Properties.* Now, click the Settings menu of the three, you'll see two columns containing the number 30. Change that number to 3. Then un-Checklist (v) the Automatically Restart.* Click OK to finish.* Close the System Properties by clicking OK
From the results of brain-tweaking before, the display windows seemed very boring. Everything Classic, as if not Windows XP.
Do not worry, it's just the view that we can change at any time. How:
1. Right-click on any empty space on the Desktop area and select Properties to Display Properties dialog box appears2. Click the Themes menu, then on Themes column below, click on the arrow (Pop up) and select Windows XP.
If you have previously selected Windows XP, then select other themes first, then click the arrow again and select Windows XP. This is done to lure the real look of Windows XP.3. Click Apply and see the results.4. Then click the Desktop menu, note at the bottom. There are sub menus Customize Desktop, click on the menu.5. In the next dialog box, make sure you dispose of the sign Checklist (v) on the Run Desktop Cleanup Every 60 Days.
This was done to avoid the automatic deletion of Windows on the icon that has been deemed unimportant, but we think still very important.6. Click OK and OK again to close the Display Properties

2. System Configuration
Please, do not be dizzy before ...
The next room we are going to surgery is the System Configuration. Consider the following steps:
1. Click Start, select Run and type msconfig then press Ok or Enter directly2. Parked right at the top menu, at the far right there is the Startup menu. Click on the menu.3. Look to the bottom, there is a series of names with each having to tick mark (v).
These names is an indication that the program will always run when Windows first appeared. And if we allow the sign ceklisnya, then Windows will be slightly slower when the first process of Loading.
1. un-tick the name of the program is deemed unnecessary to be displayed at START UP. Then click Apply2. Click OK to close the System Configuration and click Restart.3. Drinking coffee, eating snacks, fried rice or a message to wait for the Restart your computer.
After Restart the computer room and go back to the Desktop, you were surprised by the emergence of the dialog box which of course is English speaking. J
Simply click the little box to tick on the Do not Show This massage ... .., (etc.) and then click OK. Then the box did not appear again when the new Windows Restart.
3. Registry
Windows Registry is a space administrator. Turnover of installed programs will always be reported first to the Registry.
Here is a directory contained in the Registry that we will obrak apart A:
Well, the terms apapula it ?..... Bah ... J
What will we touch is part of a and b. Follow these steps:
1. Click Start, select Run and type regedit, click OK or press Enter directly2. Click the plus sign (+) in HKEY_CURRENT_USER3. Click the plus sign (+) in the Control Panel4. Click the plus sign (+) on the Desktop
(Note the right-hand window on the desktop position. There is a fairly dizzying array Strings and of course English. J. Search for and find MenuShowDelay. If you have found, double click and change its value from 400 to 0, and then click OK)5. Now back to the left window6. Under the Desktop directory are sub directories WindowsMetrics. Click the sub-directory and note the window on the right.7. Search and find MinAnimate, double-click on the value and change its value to 1, click OK.
Now close the Registry by the Alt + F4 or by clicking the cross mark (X) on the upper right of the window.
Restart your computer and see the results.
moga successfully.
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