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Software pencari file Crack + e-book cara cracking software

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AIO Crack Searching & Shareware Hacking 2008

AIO Crack Searching | 11 Mb
Do you wish to play a game, but you lost your CD ?? Well, then you will have to download this file.
With it's help, you will be able to find cracks for almost every game
a- Crack Searching Programms:
1- Craagle v1.91
2- CrackDownloader Plus v2.2 (released 10/07/2005)
3- Serials3k
4- Crack Searcher
5- Crack Buster v1.3
6- Galaxy search
7- Crack Wizard

b- Shareware Hacking Programs:
1- Never Expire v2.0
2- Trial Doctor v1.3.1
3- Trial Reset v2.5
4- MicroBest CrackLock v3.8.4
5- Date Cracker 2000
6- Date Facker 32
7- Date Hacking v1.2

c- AIO eBook bonus:
Beginner Olly Cracking Tutorials
[9 detailed step-by-step tutorials]

Beginner tutorial 1: Serial fishing
Beginner tutorial 2: Internal Keygen and Patching
Beginner tutorial 3: Unpacking and Patching
Beginner tutorial 4: unpacking and patching, a more complex case v.1.1
Beginner Tutorial 5: Inline Patching
Beginner Tutorial 6: Packers theory v1.1
Beginner Tutorial 7: Cracking using Memory BP's
Beginner Tutorial 8: Breakpoints Theory v1.2
Beginner Tutorial 9: Defeating Magic Byte Protection

- Despite the debate, shareware Hacking programs are useful and do work in a several situations ...
- Press tutorial number to read in your browser

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Software pencari file Crack dan e-book cara cracking software gratis.

AIO Crack Pencarian | 11 Mb
Apakah Anda ingin memainkan permainan, tapi Anda kehilangan CD?
Baik, maka anda harus men-download file ini.
Dengan bantuan ini, Anda akan dapat menemukan keretakan [crack] selama hampir setiap permainan.

a-Crack Programms Pencarian:
1 - Craagle v1.91
2 - CrackDownloader Plus v2.2 (dirilis 10/07/2005)
3 - Serials3k
4 - Crack Searcher
5 - Crack Buster v1.3
6 - Galaxy pencarian
7 - Crack Wizard

b-Shareware Hacking Program:
1 - Never Expire v2.0
2 - Trial Doctor v1.3.1
3 - Trial Reset v2.5
4 - MicroBest CrackLock v3.8.4
5 - Tanggal cracker 2000
6 - Tanggal Facker 32
7 - Tanggal Hacking v1.2

c-AIO ebook bonus:
Olly Cracking Tutorial Pemula
[9 rinci langkah demi langkah tutorial]

Tutorial pemula 1: Serial fishing
Pemula tutorial 2: Internal keygen dan patch
Pemula tutorial 3: Unpacking dan patch
Pemula tutorial 4: unpacking dan patch, kasus yang lebih kompleks v.1.1
Pemula Tutorial 5: Inline patch
Pemula Tutorial 6: Packers teori v1.1
Pemula Tutorial 7: Cracking menggunakan memori dari BP
Pemula Tutorial 8: Breakpoints Teori v1.2
Pemula Tutorial 9: mengalahkan Magic Byte Perlindungan

- Meskipun perdebatan, program shareware Hacking berguna dan melakukan pekerjaan di beberapa situasi ...
- Tekan nomor untuk membaca tutorial di browser Anda

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