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10 tips to prevent and cure viruses on your PC

Some members WikiMu was never a victim of computer virus attacks, worms, spyware, and the like. Finally my computer is afflicted by the virus, it is more than ten years ago in which the virus was spread via floppy disks and computers more run with a floppy disk (not hard). Since using the hard drive, I never remember any viruses that never come to my computer. So armed with this experience, I wanted to share 10 tips so you do not become one of the victims.

Some members WikiMu was never a victim of computer virus attacks, worms, spyware, and the like. Finally my computer is afflicted by the virus, it is more than ten years ago in which the virus was spread via floppy disks and computers more run with a floppy disk (not hard). Since using the hard drive, I never remember any viruses that never come to my computer. So armed with this experience, I wanted to share 10 tips so you do not become one of the victims.

1. Update Operating System

It's no secret, Microsoft Windows is the operating system the most afflicted by the virus. This does not mean Windows is more ugly than the other operating system, but simply because Windows is the operating system most widely used of people. For the virus, is a soft target, because it is not hard to find targets.

Microsoft recently more attention to this issue. Proven by Microsoft's commitment to continue to add security features as a patch or upgrade version. But this will not automatically solve the problem if you did not install the patch. If you are connected to the Internet, you can enable the Live Update feature that will automatically update your operating system regularly.

If you do not have an Internet connection, you can get a collection of updates / patches from Microsoft which is usually referred to as the Service Pack. If you are using Windows XP, it is recommended you install a second Service Pack (Windows XP SP-2). In it a lot of security features were added. Among the firewall and popup blocker for Internet Explorer.

Firefox Eats IE
2. Discipline When Browsing the Internet

If you frequently connect to the Internet, you should not use IE (Internet Explorer) version 6 and earlier. Use Mozilla Firefox or Opera. If forced to use IE, use version 7. IE 6 and earlier are known to have many holes and vulnerabilities. Microsoft includes quite slow in updating its browser, so vulnerabilities are often left open for too long without patched. Also as previously stated reasons, because IE is the most widely used browser, the hackers also like to experiment with IE.

Also avoid visiting underground sites that offer pirated goods or pornography. Such sites include many viruses and spyware covertly with the programs they provide.

Do not indiscriminate download let alone install programs from unknown sources. If you need a program and you find it on the Internet, but the author is not famous enough or bona fide, consult with your friends who better understand whether the program is fairly safe to use. Including do not like to install toolbars for IE, screen savers, and programs are not other obvious if you do not understand the consequences.

3. Turn on Firewall in the Network

If your computer is connected in a network (LAN in the office or the Internet), always turn on the firewall. Windows XP SP-2 already includes a firewall that even minimal functionality but better than nothing. A firewall will block the accesses that are not terotorasi by others. Firewalls are usually powerful enough to ward off worms and trojans.

4. Beware of Opening Email

Emails that we receive not only emails we expected, but could also be a spam or junk mail. Usually they will contain advertising of certain product offerings or links to specific sites. But not infrequently the email with an attachment that contains an application that when you run it will infect your computer with a virus.

Make sure that you open attachments you are expecting. This means that you are awaiting delivery of something from someone you already know. Even if you already know the sender, if there is an attachment that you do not ask, make sure the sender what the contents of the attachment. Because it is not uncommon for people to conduct spoofing, using the name of your friend to send viruses.

5. Caution When Opening Storage Others

When you open the storage of other people, either a removable (CD, DVD, flash, disks, etc.) or fixed (network share or a website), beware. It is not possible you found a treasure trove of files that have been infected with the virus. As much as possible do not share storage. Sharing storage = joinan germs.

AVG Antivirus
6. Attach AntiVirus and Anti Spyware When Need

Actually if you've been following the five tips above, you no longer need antivirus or anti spyware software. But if you're forced (because of work or hobbies) should open the underground sites, receive emails not clear, storage or sharing with others, you should give extra protection on your computer in the form of antivirus or anti spyware programs.

These programs are usually truly make your computer slower path because it is a TSR (Terminate & Stay Resident). This means that once the program is executed, he will stay on in your computer to monitor your activity. Each time you open, modify, or copy files, the antivirus will perform checking whether it is legal activity (indeed you are doing or viruses that do). The program also usually will check its internal database to see is there any symptoms of virus infected computers.

If you do not want the computer to be slow because of the antivirus, try AVG antivirus. Antivirus is lighter (it takes up too much computer resources) than other anti-virus which is more popular kinds of Norton Anti Virus, McAfee, Kaspersky and Bit Defender. And there are versions of the free tables. Do not forget, use only one antivirus program on your computer. More than one is usually more of a hassle and a lot of conflict.

For anti-spyware you can use Lavasoft Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Use both if necessary. Anti-spyware applications usually run on-demand (when needed), not a model like antivirus TSR. Run your anti-spyware regularly to eliminate the "spies" from your computer.

What If It's Infected

Sixth is the prevention tips above. If followed, you should be able to use your computer safely and comfortably without fear of viruses nuisance infestation. But if you do not take precautions, but your computer already conceded how to cure? If it is conceded, usually you could not install an antivirus to cure because the virus is smart enough to deter you install antivirus software.

Computer Technician
7. Ask for Help Other People

This step is easiest, but it takes an additional charge-if you enlist the help of professionals such as computer technicians. But also a bit risky. It is not possible photos or your personal documents circulated on the Internet by irresponsible parties. So if you do not have a trustworthy friend, you better learn their own "cure" your computer. Consider the following steps to do so.

8. Manual Cleaning

If you know the type of virus that infects your computer, you can find more information about the virus with the help of Google. These sites are usually anti-virus software providers also provide small programs to clean up some of the popular virus. You can download the program (usually free) and clean the virus on your computer.

Unfortunately, the virus usually does not work alone, so infected, he also opened the door (Trojan) for other viruses to enter. So you can be bothered or spend lots of time to clean all viruses. To be practical, you can read tips on the ninth.

9. Format and Re-Install Windows

This method is quite effective. With this format, you delete all the contents of your hard drive, including viruses. After formatting, you must re-install all the programs you will use, including the operating system one by one.

But be careful if your disk is partitioned. If you format the C drive, while the virus is also silent on drive D, after you install Windows, when you access the D drive, Windows will be infected again. Format all the drives are there to ensure your computer clean of viruses. Of course, first save your data before doing so. Copy to a flash or other media.

After you reinstall your computer, immediately install anti-virus, then do the scan to a flash where you store the data earlier. Once clean of viruses, just had to copy more data your computer.

As an additional note, do. Some people say that the format could reduce the life of a hard drive or your computer. It's just a myth. You can reformat your hard drive a thousand times, your hard drive will not be damaged faster than writing a file thousands of times as well.

10. Use Alternative Operating Systems

If you are not tied to Windows-either because of work or did not get away from Windows, you can try using another operating system. If your activities with computers was limited to browsing the Internet, email, create documents, Office documents and presentations, working with spreadsheets, and other public works, in fact you do not need to be tied to Microsoft Windows. There are so many options the operating system that you can use. Other operating systems are generally very rarely plagued with viruses.

UbuntuUntuk Office workers, you can use Ubuntu Linux. The operating system is free and very easy to use. Packages already include a standard for Internet browsing, email, and make various kinds of documents. There are also programs such gaming entertainment, media player, and music player.

Mac OS XUntuk designers, you probably will depend on the graphics applications that are still pretty hard to find in the Linux variant operating systems. You can use Apple's Mac OS X. Application offering fairly complete, especially those associated with design and multimedia. But the nature of this operating system just like Windows, which is commercial.

Alternative operating systems on top to open general files that you created in Windows, so you need not fear for your job is lost.

A few tips from my first, hopefully can help the reader as well. Questions or additions can be delivered.
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