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How to easily Install Password in flash without software

Many applications can benefit to lock or password-automatic flash to flash. But different again with this post. previously this way I got from a great programmer http://inside-and.blogspot.com

"It is very easy and helpful especially as I am playing in the cafe next door to a disposable flash should be used in computer servers comokin. So dangerous dong can be opened from any other client"

This will automatically ask for a password when the flash is inserted into a PC and if the password is incorrect, then the computer will shutdown automatically.

1. Open Notepad
(Here's how: Start>> All Programs>> Accessories>> Notepad or enter in RUN and type notepaddan Enter) and then copy and paste the following script code into notepad
on error goto 0dim s, quest, sd, m, winpath, fsset sd = CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")set fs = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")set winpath = fs.getspecialfolder (0)set s = wscript.createobject ("WScript.Shell")do quests while = ""quest = InputBox ("Enter a PASSWORD, if you are wrong in entering the password, then this computer will ShutDown !!!"," http://pedasmaniscinta.blogspot.com")if quest = "" thenm = msgbox ("Sorry you have not entered a password ...!", 0 +0 +48," http://pedasmaniscinta.blogspot.com ")end ifloopif quest = "WRITE THE PASSWORD HERE" thens.run "shutdown-a"sd.run winpath & "\ explorer.exe / e, / select," & Wscript.ScriptFullnameelses.run "shutdown-s-t 0"end if
WRITE HERE PASSWORD altered to your liking, it is as a place of your password. Use capital letters are very influential. I suggest using numbers that have been remembered by rote.then save as the name of "passwordlock.vbs" without the quotation marks, before the save as sure to choose all files.
2. after completion of the above.then open Notepad again, to automatic settings after the flash inserted in a PC.copy and paste the following script code into notepad.
[Autorun]ShellExecute = wscript.exe passwordlock.vbsaction = FlashDisk CODE HAS BEEN COMPLETED
you can change the word "FlashDisk HAS COMPLETED CODE" according aphorisms your own desires.after it did the first storage such as files, but in the File name write "autorun.inf" without quotes, before the save as sure to choose all files.
Then move the two files that you created earlier (autorun.inf and passwordlock.vbs) into your flash.
last step please hidden autorun.inf and passwordlock.vbs that have been made earlier.Hidden way: right click on each passwordlock.vbs autorun.inf and then select Properties check box in the hidden mark. completed. . . .
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